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Our coach

Coach Miguel Magana has been running for more than 25 years.  Having run over 40 marathons to date, Miguel is still just as passionate today about running as he was when he started.  As part of the Mexican Running Team, Miguel represented Mexico in several World Master Championships throughout Europe and the Americas.  He is a two-time semi-finalist in the 800 meters.  Miguel loves to share his experiences and knowledge to help others achieve their goals, and got his USATF certification in 2019 so he could officially train others.

Our philosophy is simple:
Work together as a team, help each other as a family, and become better humans. If you focus on being a better human, you will become a better runner. Your limits are flexible. Miguel believes that you don’t have to push to the highest limit all at once. Set realistic, attainable goals and with the satisfaction and confidence that comes with each one, you can then move to the next level. The amount of effort is tied into the goal level. Miguel will build a customized training program for each athlete, analyze each workout and work very closely with the athlete to develop their skills and abilities. Each person that has trained or is training with Miguel has achieved PRs, Boston-qualified, etc. But one thing that is important to Miguel is that you enjoy your runs, enjoy your training, and that everyone on the team feels like family.

If you want to train to improve your time, or to get faster, or just connect with friends via this passion we call running, the NS Team is the place for you.