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About Us



We work together to ….

Be a better human through running…

Help each other during trainings….

Set individual goals and accomplish them…

our coach

Coach Miguel Magana has been running for more than 25 years.  Having run over 40 marathons to date, Miguel is still just as passionate today about running as he was when he started.  As part of the Mexican Running Team, Miguel represented Mexico in several World Master Championships throughout Europe and the Americas.  He is a two-time semi-finalist in the 800 meters.  Miguel loves to share his experiences and knowledge to help others achieve their goals, and got his USATF certification in 2019 so he could officially train others.

our history

how we started

NS team is a running team based in Los Angeles. We have been training together for the Los Angeles marathon. When the Pandemic hit all over the world, our passion for running didn’t stop. Coach Miguel decided to start a new team because of those passionate runners during this difficult time. We have been encouraging and motivating each other and made a lot of PRs since then.

our team

Meet our athletes. Each athlete has own goals and work hard to achieve them.

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our sponsor

Thanks to our sponsors for their contributions, which help our athletes’ performance.

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